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Member Benefits

Between school, after-school activities and your home life, there aren’t enough hours in the day. NEA Member Benefits helps save time and money with information that’s relevant to you as an educator. We’ll help you research and select financial and insurance products, travel discounts, retirement advice and budget tips. allowing you to provide the life you want for your family.


Spend your travel budget wisely. Check out these 8 little-known vacation deals for teachers at neamb.com/travel-deals, Plus. here are 100 free attractions to enjoy around the U.S.! neamb.com/free-attractions. And because getting away shouldn’t add to your stress, see how to plan a vacation without going into debt at neamb.com/vacation-budget.

Travel Ideas Delivered to You: Subscribe now to get the inside scoop on travel deals and tips. neamb.com/travelsignup

Plan Your Perfect Getaway: Use NEA Vacations to book airfare, hotels, cruises and resorts at amazing low prices. neamb.com/neavacations

Go on a Guided Tour: Travel with your friends on a group tour to some of the world’s most exotic destinations. Leave the planning to the experts so you can have more fun. neamb.com/grouptour


As an educator, you’re always looking for new ways to save money. Discover 12 ways to save on homeowner’s insurance at neamb.com/homeowner-savings. And if sudden car repairs pop up, see how to save a bundle at neamb.com/repair-wise. And when you have time to tackle spring chores, try this home and garden checklist at neamb.com/hg-checklist.

Save an Average of $495 Per Year: Members save big with NEA Auto & Home Insurance. neamb.com/autohome

Average Member Discount of $3,383: With the NEA” Auto Buying Program, members regularly see big savings off MSRP. neamb.com/autobuying

Member-Only Savings on Appliances: Shop this secure online store for quality GE home appliances at amazing discounts. neamb.com/appliances

Financing Your Home: You’ll receive special benefits, support, and competitive loan options when you buy or refinance through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. neamb.com/home-mortgage


There are three things you probably could use a little more of: time, resources and money. Members have saved over $12 million with NEA Click & Save, plus your membership provides money-saving discounts at neamb.com/teacher-save. Looking for ways to dine out on a dime? Check out neamb.com/dine-out. Saving money doesn’t have to be a seasonal thing- it can happen all year long at neamb.com/year-round-savings.

Earn Rewards With Every Purchase: Choose a card that earns cash back with the NEA Cash Rewards Card.1 neamb.com/cashrewards

Everyday Deals Made for You: Save on restaurants, electronics, movie tickets, home products (from Lowes to Etsy) and apparel with NEA Click & Save. neamb.com/clickandsave

Save on Flowers and Gifts: Save 20% on flowers, plants, gift baskets, gourmet foods, confections, plush stuffed animals, and more. neamb.com/flowers


Get expert tips on how to create and live within a budget, without stressing yourself out at: neamb.com/6-simple-steps and discover how a better credit score can help you save money at neamb.com/secrets-of-interest. Plus, financial expert, Dave Ramsey, offers members the secret to getting out of debt – painlessly – at neamb.com/debt-free-secret.

See Your Savings Grow: The NEA Savings Programs offer NEA Online Savings Accounts, NEA Money Market Accounts and more. neamb.com/savings

Our Lowest-Rate Card: Save on interest charges with the NEA RateSmart Card. neamb.com/ratesmart

Consolidate Debt Today: Take advantage of no processing fees and low, competitive rates with the NEA Personal Loan neamb.com/personal-loan


Keeping personal information safe and secure is rapidly becoming a full-time endeavor. Get 5 tips for safe online shopping at neamb.com/safe-shopping. Being aware so you can be prepared is vital when it comes to planning for the future. Get the facts with our Long-Term Planning Guide at neamb.com/long-term-thinking. See why giving your loved ones the gift of security is crucial at neamb.com/family-security.

Help Protect Those You Love: Choose from a range of quality life insurance plans, all at member-only group rates. neamb.com/insurance

Affordable Care for Your Pets: NEA Pet Insurance plans start at $1 per day for emergency visits, prescriptions, exams, X-rays, and more. neamb.com/pet

Enjoy Hassle-Free Health Benefits: Get affordable access to comprehensive care with NEA Dental & Vision Insurance Plans. neamb.com/dentalvision


When you’re starting out, the idea of planning for retirement feels like an impossible task. Discover why planning and saving for retirement is a marathon, not a sprint, at neamb.com/retirement-planning, and why you should start saving early at neamb.com/nest-egg. Then take advantage of this 5-minute retirement checkup tool at neamb.com/checkup.

Manage Retirement Savings & Income: Plan with the NEA Retirement Program. neamb.com/retirement-program

Choose Your Own Doctor: The NEA Retiree Health Program (to supplement Medicare) has options at member-only group rates and no provider lists. neamb.com/rhp

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